Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jeremy and the Lightning

This was Jeremy's second year playing soccer.  In hindsight, it probably would've been ok if we had skipped this season.  Last year, Jeremy got to play on a soccer team with many of his friends and so it was fun to cheer on not only Jeremy, but his friends, too.  He had a drive and a go-to attitude.  This year, it was just him and his buddy, Luke.  The rest of his team was somewhat flaky, and their team was consistently outnumbered on the field.  Other changes this year included a smaller field, a smaller net, and a goalie.  This year was truly "bunch ball" and I think that's part of the reason why Jeremy lost his competitive spirit.  There could be up to fourteen players on the field at one time, all chasing after one ball.  It wasn't long before Jeremy could be seen dancing on the field, being completely silly and goofy.  The highlight of the season was having Jeremy and Luke play together.  Next year, Jeremy will be in kindergarten, so we'll probably play in his school's league.

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