Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

For the past few years, we've basically done the same thing for Halloween.  We spend time at our church's Fall Carnival and then go trick-or-treating right by our church.  For the past few years, the kids' costumes pretty much matched with whatever their party's theme was.  This year, they did end up continuing this tradition, but there was a month of uncertainty in which they considered other ideas.  First, they wanted to be Power Rangers (thanks, Mrs. Karen)... Next, they wanted to be Star Wars characters... And then after shopping with me to get a few things for their sports themed birthday party, they decided to go as athletes.  
Here's  my Olympic gold medalist in Soccer (I wish I had taken a picture of Jeremy's shirt- I made it with a logo that said "USA Olympic Team")
 Here's my Olympic gold medalist in swimming (another missed photo op- Grace's swim cap has a USA flag on it, but of course none of our pictures show this)
 Jason went as an Olympic medalist in track (his uniform is "real" in that American track and field athletes wore it to compete several Olympics ago.  He had to wear it to compete in the Masters USA Track & Field championships a few years ago)
 My family was decked out as Team USA, but not me! :)
 Jason turned a lot of heads in his track shorts
 Our kids went trick-or-treating with the Wiens family
Our last stop of the night was our next door neighbors/friends, David and Sasha

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