Friday, March 9, 2012

Sick of it!

We are sick of it!  Sick of Jeremy getting sick!  It seems like it has been an ongoing cycle- Jeremy has gotten what seems like one ear infection after another.   In addition, his symptoms of runny nose and severe coughing have been magnified during specific times this past year.  We've had to make numerous visits to the doctor and to urgent care. We have struggled over this a lot, and Jason has ended up missing quite a few days of school to stay home with our sick son.  Part of the problem is also that his daycare refuses to administer any type of medications, including his asthma inhaler.  If you think this sounds outrageous, we totally agree!  We looked into the laws and asked several medical professionals who confirmed that this is in fact legal!  California allows daycares to opt out of administering meds.  So, every time that Jeremy goes into lengthy coughing spurts, they call Jason to come give Jeremy his inhaler.  Luckily, Jason's work isn't too far away, but it sure has been inconvenient, when all the daycare staff would have to do is give him two puffs of his inhaler!  We've heard the statistic that it only takes 7 years of living in Fresno for a person to develop major respiratory problems... Jeremy's only 4- how bad are things going to get for our poor boy?  We'd love prayers for Jeremy's health!

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The Luedtke Family said...

We also, are sick of it! We all have had significant illnesses since last December 23rd. My lil' guy is finally more than 5 days anti-biotic free since then, and we are glad. Just bracing ourselves for when allergies may set in. Hope things get better! Inhalers and nebulizers are no fun!