Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jeremy's Soccer Season

We have had such a fun time watching Jeremy play soccer this year.  He understood the point of the game, continually went after the ball, learned how to change the direction of the ball, became very good at dribbling, and near the end of his season, he even learned to "share" the ball by passing it to other kids.  He scored many goals and despite being very tired in each game, he endured, and was tenacious. 
Part of what made the season so fun was being with his friends, Jackson, Luke, and Jacob.  At the start, we were ok with the season being only 6 weeks, but honestly, we wouldn't have minded if the season had been a little longer.  Fresno's next league sport is basketball and we have opted not to sign him up for that.  We definitely can't wait for spring and the start of t-ball again!
 Jeremy's adoring fans!

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