Saturday, September 3, 2011

Jurassic Forest

Every year that we've visited Edmonton, we've tried to do at least one new thing.  It allows us to have something to look forward to in addition to doing the "same old things." This year, we visited one of Edmonton's newest attractions.  In the middle of nowhere, about 20 minutes north of Edmonton is a place called Jurassic Forest.  It's a forest with walking trails in which you encounter life-sized, realistic-looking dinosaurs.  The dinosaurs are sensored so they move and roar when you come up to them.   Our kids really enjoyed it. 

 Di Dao took a week off work while we were there, so she was able to come explore with us.
 The kids were excited to finally see the T-Rex (of course, at the very end of the trails).
There was a play area for the kids to play at after we had our picnic lunch. 

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sarah (di dao) said...

you forgot to comment on the best part... when jeremy said "i don't think the dinosaurs are real... because they stopped talking and they aren't moving any more". :)