Saturday, September 3, 2011

Swimming Lessons

One thing we've done every summer these past few years is enroll Grace in swimming.  It's something for us to do since most people are working while we're up there and our days are always free.  This year, we decided to try Edmonton's newest recreation center, Terwillegar.  It's a beautiful indoor facility with a huge pool (several pools, actually), full-sized skating rinks, several full-sized gyms, exercising gym, indoor playground, classrooms, etc.  This was the first year that Jeremy took lessons.  I woke up bright and early in March when online registration opened to register both kids so that the times would coincide and we wouldn't be stuck at the pool all morning.  At the time, Jeremy did not enjoy being in the water, so we enrolled him in Parent & Tot lessons.  Who would've thought that in just a few short months, Jeremy would overcome his fear of water?  He has loved going in the pool with Jason and Grace.  Unfortunately though, there was no more room in the other 3-year-old swim classes.  It was pretty funny to see this "huge" 3 year old in with the other babies.  Grace did wonderfully, and though she is usually shy and reserved around new people, she even made a friend on her first day (it's a small world- as it turns out, my sister actually knows that girl's family).  Both kids had an awesome swim experience this past summer!

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