Saturday, August 27, 2011

July 24

Well, needless to say, we returned from Edmonton weeks ago, but it has been a whirlwind since I immediately threw myself into work to get ready for my new school year.  So, I'm now going to attempt to do some backtracking (mostly for my memory's sake)...

My laptop went through a lot and finally had to be reimaged.  It is now working as it should, however, I lost all of my web links and several programs in the process.  If there's one thing I learned, it is that I need to regularly backup my files.  My angst while everything was in limbo was due to the fear that I would lose months and months of valuable family pictures.  Thank goodness, the pictures are fine and they have since been backed up!

Okay, let's move on... by looking back!  It's going to take quite a few posts to catch up, but I guess I have to start somewhere!
My brother and sis-in-law drove up from Calgary to spend some time with us.  Our family went out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant called The Golden Rice Bowl.  It was a treat to enjoy Peking Duck!  We had to pre-order it to ensure that they would have it- basically, they prepare duck in 3 different ways: mu shu (which is like wrapping the duck meat in a Chinese-style tortilla), duck with rice, and soup.  SO GOOD!

On July 24, Jason competed in the Provincial Track Classic in nearby town, Sherwood Park.  Of course we went out to cheer him on!  This is likely his last track race- he has decided to take a break from it (for awhile?).  It wasn't his fastest race, but he came over the finish line first.  Unfortunately, this track meet does something called "age grading," which means they adjust times based on your age.  So even though Jason crossed the finish line first, he actually ended up in 2nd.  He earned 2 silver medals over 2 days of racing!  In addition, he broke the 200 m record and walked away with a "record breaker" t-shirt! 
Later that same day, we headed to my "nephew's" 2nd birthday party.  It was a huge bash- there were a lot of relatives in town due to a wedding the night before.  We had so much fun catching up with people who we haven't seen in ages.  It was an unexpected reunion!

Even though it was our 12th anniversary, it was such a busy day that we didn't celebrate until a few nights later.  My sister watched our kids so we could have an evening to ourselves.  Edmonton was in the middle of "Fork Fest," a festival in which local restaurants could showcase their menus at special prices.  After going through all of the menus, we decided on a restaurant called, The Blue Pear.  We enjoyed a fabulous meal!  We were able to reminisce and talk about our goals for the upcoming few years...  God has been faithful and has strengthened our marriage in these last few years.  I am so grateful for Jason and I love him more and more as each day passes.  I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us this upcoming year!  

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