Saturday, April 16, 2011

Jason's Babies

We admit that we don't have green thumbs... But, Jason has certainly become very invested in his "babies" in our yard! He is very determined to not let them die! This is a picture of our "fruit salad" tree. It features 2 kinds of peaches, plums, and nectarines. It was beautiful when it was blooming- there were different shades of flowers on it. I forgot to take pictures of it. The nursery we got it from said that since it's a young tree, for this first year, we are supposed to pluck off all of the fruits. This forces the tree to focus on its roots as opposed to bearing fruit. So... we actually won't know if this pays off until next year!

Two more of Jason's babies are our blueberry bushes. We got two because of their need for cross-pollination. Last year, we actually did get some berries, but they got eaten by the birds. Jason is trying to figure out a way to scare away the birds!

We planted more plants and will be planting a few more this spring... Let's hope they all make it!

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