Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy Weekend!

The first weekend of April was busy! The annual MCC sale (I think of it as a yearly Mennonite reunion) was held on Friday and Saturday. The Mennonite Central Committee is an organization whose focus is to "share God's love and compassion for all in the name of Christ by responding to basic human needs and working for peace and injustice." Money raised goes towards this mission. There are a lot of things about the MCC sale that is Mennonite, which is of course very important to us since Jason is Mennonite! They sell Mennonite foods such as German sausage, zwiebach, fritters, verenika... and of course the biggest fundraiser is the quilt auction! As with every year, we go on Friday night to meet up with friends and have the delicious German sausage sandwich dinners. One of the things we love about this sale is how it brings people together- it's so great to catch up with people! This year, Jason ran the Run for Relief on Saturday morning. He did the 10k in 48 mins., a personal record! It was enough for him to win 3rd place in his age category (he earned a medal for that!). Later that morning, our whole family returned to the sale. We were able to catch up with more friends, and spent time with Jason's mom, aunt, and uncle.

Later that afternoon, Grace's coach invited the team to go watch Fresno State's softball team. We sat in the outfield- it was a great chance for the girls to watch the softball team, and it was nice to get to know some parents. It was our first time watching Fresno State softball and it was
a great experience!

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