Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hair's an Update!

I totally forgot to post this last week. Remember the day Grace did this?! Just looking at the picture makes me crack up!
Grace cut her own hair in January, after practicing on most of the hair on her dolls. As a consequence, we decided to take away everything she had that had "hair." She has been without dolls for almost half a year. We told her that she could have the dolls back when her bangs grew back. Well, they finally grew out long enough that we took her to get a trim (front and back).
A few weeks ago, her grandma also gave her a huge dollhouse. You could just see her disappointment that she had this beautiful dollhouse and yet couldn't play with it because she had no dolls. She was practically begging us to take her to get her hair cut. Her hairstylist asked her at least three times, "You come see me if you want anything done to your hair, ok?! Don't cut it yourself!" Well, after we got home, we also took out the box of dolls and returned them to her. Oh the joy! She spent over a half hour right then playing with her dolls and dollhouse.

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JHRME said...

Hah! That's so exciting! (And an evil-y good punishment! Appropriately fitting. She will probably never cut her own hair again til college!)