Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grace in Gymnastics

Last Saturday was Grace's "Showtime" at gymnastics. She has been going to The Little Gym for several months now. Overall, the experience was good- Grace learned so much and had a lot of fun. What we didn't enjoy was being stuck with the other parents that were there. They were really pretentious and judgmental, and every week it seemed like I had to sit and listen to them complain for an hour about how horrible our education system is, and how a good parent wouldn't send their kid to a public school. Needless to say, they never knew that I was a teacher teaching in a public school. Okay, enough about that. On the last day, Jason, Jeremy, and I went to watch Grace show off all that she has learned. At the end, they had a little "ceremony" to award each student with a ribbon. This is what Teacher Sarah had to say about Grace: "This person started off the class very reserved, but since then has come out of her shell and runs to give me hugs. She is dainty, peaceful, and calm, a joy to have in the class... That's Miss Grace!"

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Lomeliclan said...

How sweet! I am totally with you on the snobby people that complain all the time. They are just haters who need to be....oh nevermind, I got carried away! Gracie looks like she loves gymnastics. That was my sport in elementary school too.