Saturday, October 4, 2008

Our Little Fish!

If you read our blog regularly, you've probably read about how scared of the water Grace was at the beginning of summer. We had to coax and bribe her to get in the pool. She would negotiate with Jason, and do anything she could if it meant she didn't have to get in the pool. When we were in Edmonton, we put her in a Parent and Me class, and she made progress, but we knew we had to keep the momentum going when we returned to Fresno. We enrolled her in swim lessons at "Break the Barriers." Jason's mom was able to take her to the lessons because it was during the weekday. Grace has learned so much! She even got moved up to a different level, and we had to move her to a different lesson time. Last week was my first time seeing Grace swim since Edmonton. I was amazed! I got very emotional- I am so proud of her, knowing how much it has taken for her to get to this point... I feel so glad that she will never have to face the same fears of drowning as I have had for the majority of my life. This past summer, I was much more intentional and actually got in the pool. I know it doesn't seem like much, but I can swim the width of the pool (hey, we have a pretty big pool). My daughter at age 3 is already inspiring me!

Okay, now for my weekly volleyball update... I hate to lose! Does that tell you how we did on Friday?!

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Lisa said...

We love Break the Barriers! The girls have taken lesson there the last two summers and have done so well! Way to go Grace.

Sorry about the VB game, bummer!