Sunday, September 28, 2008

So Busy!

I've only just figured out why time seems to be flying by so quickly- we are SOOO busy! This past weekend was no exception. Jason's volleyball team was in a tournament at Hoover High School all day yesterday. Jeremy spent Friday night at Grandma's house because we knew it was going to be a full day. We kept Grace with us because she had swimming lessons yesterday morning (I'll blog about that after we've been able to take some pictures), and also because we wanted her to see all of the volleyball action. Jason's team didn't do as well as he had hoped. They lost in the consolation semi-final. Gracie was great- she sat relatively still to watch all the games and Jason was thrilled to hear her say later on in the day, "When I'm older, I'm going to play volleyball, too." Sorry, I forgot my camera yesterday- no pictures!
Speaking of volleyball, my team is now 2-1 with our loss on Friday against my former school. I had seen them in action earlier in the week, and I knew it was probably unlikely that my team would be able to beat them. Herndon-Barstow (my former school) has won games with scores like 25-2 and 25-3, so at least we lost with scores of 25-9 and 25-12. Too bad... Here's my team with their sad faces...
Even our kids are busy! Grace had "Donuts with Dad" this past week. She reminded me that morning, "Donuts with Dad starts with /d/. Only Daddy can come, ok Mama? You start with /m/. It's not your turn yet, so you can't come." Grace was proud to show her daddy around at her preschool. Sorry, no pictures of that, either!
And of course our little Jer-bear is always busy! I know it won't be long before he'll start walking... He's already hard to keep up with! Check out the video clip of him- is it just us or does he have a pretty good arm?! Two more weeks until his first birthday!

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