Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it the start of cold season already?

So... it's been an interesting 2 days. Jeremy woke up yesterday with a fever. Jason ended up staying home with him, but the fever would come and go throughout the day. I ended up having to take today off and call for a sub. This morning, he still had a slight fever, a runny nose, loss of appetite, and was miserable! I can't say that there's ever a "good time" to take off of work- it's such a pain to prepare lesson plans for a sub, but I did welcome the chance to spend a little time with my little guy. When he's sick, he likes to cuddle and be held, so I took advantage of that! I still had so many other commitments to fulfill at work, so Jason's mom came to the rescue for us and was able to come over to our house to be with Jeremy. I went in to work and coached my girls' volleyball team in their first game of the season. We won in 2 sets with scores of 25-7 and 25-16. Here's a picture of my team with their "happy faces." It'd be fantastic if I don't have to post any pictures of "sad faces" this season!It was nice to come home after winning and getting to see that Jeremy is doing better. He still has a slight fever, but he was much more active after dinner... Fingers crossed that this bug will pass by quickly!

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