Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Gracie's 1st Ballet Class

For the longest time, we've been meaning to put Grace in some kind of a class- gymnastics, dance, etc. Well, we finally decided on a mommy and me tap/ballet dance class. They also do some gymnastics, so it's a good introduction to all kinds of things. Her first class was last week. She is just the cutest little dancer. I was amazed to see how some things came so naturally to her. It was also interesting to see her watch, listen to, and follow the teacher's directions (Teacher Katie, who Grace calls "Teacher Kitty"). I'm not being biased- many other parents have commented on how coordinated and "good" Grace is! I really thought she might get shy and clingy, but it was very evident that she loves her class. In fact, by the middle of last week's lesson, she told me to go sit down. Tonight, Jason and Jeremy came to watch, and Jason even participated and helped out with Grace so I could take some more pictures. Check out the Family Photo Album!

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