Saturday, April 19, 2008

Busy Day for Birthdays

It was a busy day for Grace today! She was invited to two birthday parties- one was for Gabriella whose mom, Amy, works with me, and the other was for Ethan, whose parents, Russ and Alison, are in our small group at church.

Ella and Grace

Gabriella's "princess" birthday was at Storyland. It was so cute- all of the girls were invited to dress up in their favorite princess attire. In addition to making a wand craft, the girls were guided around Storyland by Cinderella. Our friend, Jamie, gave Grace a beautiful princess dress earlier this week, and so of course Grace wore that one to the party. She looked absolutely adorable!

After going home for a short nap, we then went to Oso de Oro Park for Ethan's "dinosaur" party. The kids got to make an erupting volcano, go on a dinosaur egg hunt, and dig for dinosaurs. What a contrast, from princesses to dinosaurs!
Ethan and Grace
She had such a great time at both parties. Happy Birthday, Ella and Ethan! (More pictures in our Family Photo Album)

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