Saturday, November 1, 2014

Grace's 1st Sleepover Party

Several years ago, Grace asked if she could have a sleepover birthday party.  I told her she had to wait until she was 10.  Well, she has never forgotten and so this year, she finally got what she's wanted- a sleepover birthday party.  Since her birthday is so close to Halloween, we thought it'd be the perfect evening for her to have her sleepover.  The girls were dropped off after all of the Halloween festivities and it meant less for us to have to do to entertain them. 

Grace wanted for the girls to make their own cupcakes, so that was one less thing for me to have to do. After they got the cupcakes into the oven, they started watching, Casper the Friendly Ghost.  When the cupcakes were done and had cooled, the girls decorated them.  By this time, they were pretty sugared up!!!

 After getting to eat one cupcake, the girls resumed the movie.  We stopped partway through for the girls to decorate pillowcases.

The movie ended at about midnight.  We headed to bed but definitely still heard them because they started a pillow fight.  By 12:30am, Jason had had enough and he went out to them that it was bed time.  We didn't hear anything after that, though the girls claim that they stayed up whispering.  In the morning, the girls didn't even stir when Jason and I started making breakfast!  We made them cake batter pancakes with bacon and fruit salad.  After eating, they spent some time playing Wii Just Dance before parents started coming to pick up their girls.

Grace said it was the best birthday she's had.  So glad it was everything she had been waiting and hoping for!

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