Saturday, October 11, 2014

Jeremy's 7th Birthday

Jeremy is obsessed with Legos, so it made perfect sense that his birthday would be lego-themed.  He was very specific about what he wanted for his party: he loved our backyard movie night so much that he wanted to show The Lego Movie, to have tacos (Taco Tuesdays are in the movie), a pinata, and he wanted specific movie snacks to munch on.

I was inspired by Pinterest to make his cake but was so disappointed by how it turned out that I refused to serve it.  Jason has a lot of cake to eat this upcoming week!
 This was Plan B, which looked 100 times better than what I came up with!

 Movie snacks, as requested by the birthday boy
Jeremy also wanted a lego pinata- luckily, that was easier to make.  We filled it with too many things though, that Jason had to come up with a back up plan for it to be strong enough to hang on our tree.

 Jackson, Luke, Jacob, Jeffrey, Micah, Jeremy, Luke

 Almost every boy gave him a lego set.  This one was from Grandma.
Despite all the sugar they had, the boys did great and Jeremy had an awesome time! A huge thank you to Mrs. Karen, Grandma, Uncle Dan, and Auntie Jen for joining us!

On Jeremy's actual birthday, he got to choose where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner.  He chose California Pizza Kitchen.  We got our "usual" waiter, who treated Jeremy to a special birthday treat.

Happy 7th Birthday, Bear!

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