Sunday, October 19, 2014

Civil War Reenactment

In all the years we've lived here, and despite the fact that Jason teaches history, we have never been to Fresno's Civil War Reenactment, held at Kearney Park every year.  Grace's class went this year on a field trip and her teacher gave away free weekend passes.  We couldn't give up this opportunity to see living history! 
 Washing clothes the old-fashioned way!
 Shaking buttermilk to make butter
 We watched demonstrations of how to make brooms and weaving from dog hair

 We went through the encampments and saw different tents set up for different purposes.

Then it came time for the actual battle reenactment on the field.  The cannons were so loud, you could feel the vibration ring throughout your body.

 I doubt this is something we'd do every year, but it was definitely worth the experience!

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