Friday, April 11, 2014


This is going to seem like such a silly post, but I wanted to remember the crazy few weeks our family had when we went to get Daisy and Cupcake spayed.
I should start by saying that a few weeks prior to this, Jason stated that if anything ever happened to one of our cats, that "there are plenty of cats in the world... (hopefully you get my drift).  Well, one day, a very upset Grace came to him and said, "Something's wrong with Cupcake's leg."  Sure enough, it was bent awkwardly and she was in so much pain, she was limping around. Jason took a day off work to take the cat in to the vet.  It turns out that she had been bitten to the bone and it was swelling up due to infection.  We had to give her antibiotics.  Around this time, we started noticing a lot of other cats coming around.  They were all noisy and hissing, and it didn't take long for us to realize that our cats were in heat.  We spent a few weeks confining them to our house and our garage.  We couldn't take the cats in until Cupcake's leg was better.  The time came and Jason took the cats in to get spayed.  Everything seemed fine.  When I went to get them at the end of the day, both cats seemed calm and settled in for the night.  They had to wear cones for at least a week while their bellies were healing from surgery.  We left them in the kids' bathroom.  When Grace went to check up on them the next morning, Daisy had a huge skin "bubble" hanging out from her belly.  Jason said it was bloody and looked disgusting.  He had to take another day off work to take her in to the vet.  It turns out that she must have jumped up on the counter, split a stitch so that some of the fat from inside her belly had herniated out through the stitch, now hanging outside the body.  She underwent surgery again to remove the bubble and had metal sutures inserted.  She had to take antibiotics twice a day, wear a cone, and was not to be outside.  This was difficult news to take, especially since Jason and I were planning to go out of town for Spring Break.  We looked at possible overnight places that would take cats, but there were only a few, and none would take a cat that needed to have a cone and take medicine (if you're looking for a business opportunity, this might be one to consider- a cat hotel).  Thankfully, my friend, Michelle, came to the rescue and took our cat for us while we were gone.  We are so grateful- after everything we've gone through with those cats! 

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