Monday, April 28, 2014

Jeremy and the Cardinals

After last year, we knew with certainty that there was no way we'd go through another t-ball season. We remember Jeremy starting to goof around on the field because there wasn't enough action happening. In t-ball, players get to advance one base at a time and it seemed to us that Jeremy seemed ready to move on.  This year, we have decided to move him "up" to the Rookies division and he'll be playing in the Central Cal Ripken league.  It is mostly because of logistics (practices are held at Harvest's fields so it works out perfectly on school nights).  His team is the Cardinals, coached by Coach Nacho. 
I love this picture- it shows the size difference between him and a lot of the other players.  He is the second youngest on the team!
 He clearly has a lot to learn, but already, we can see that this season is going to be a great one!

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