Sunday, March 9, 2014

Verenika Dinner

So within a matter of weeks, our kids got to experience their Vietnamese culture and Mennonite culture in very special ways!  A month ago, we were so lucky to get to be a part of Jill's annual verenika dinner!  The best way I can describe verenika is that it's a Mennonite dish that is basically a ravioli-type dumpling with cheese inside.  I know that it's incredibly time-consuming to make, so to get to enjoy them was a real treat for our family!  All Mennonites seem to have "their" version of how to eat it; Jill makes hers with a sweet sauce that is to die for.  It was perfectly paired with German sausage and zwiebach (Mennonite bread/roll). Yum!  Thanks, Jill!

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