Monday, March 17, 2014

Start of Spring Sports Season

Well, ready or not... Here's the start of our spring sports season.  the kids will be doing baseball and volleyball this year. 

Jeremy got kind of bored playing t-ball last year and started playing around in the dirt. For that reason, we decided to move him up to Rookies this year.  That means, the other team pitches 3 and a coach can  come in for 2 additional pitches.
 Jeremy is on the Cardinals team, and he is in Central's baseball league.  We determined that since he would have practices twice a week, it would be good that Jeremy and I are already on the west side.
 He is one of the youngest and shortest players, but so far, has done really well.  Coach Nacho has consistently played him at first base or shortstop.

This year, Grace has decided not to do softball (believe it or not, I am very sad and disappointed- I really was hoping she'd do one more year). She is playing club volleyball for the Patriots Club (through Hoover High School).  She is also one of the youngest and shortest players, but is learning a lot and doing really well.
At least with her new passion, we'll get to sit inside gyms with a/c instead of outside in triple degree weather! 

So let's recap this:  Jeremy has two practices a week, Grace has two practices a week, Jason is coaching volleyball every day afterschool, Jane is coaching Science Olympiad four days afterschool, Jeremy has Saturday games, and Grace has games on either Friday or Saturday... All of this makes for an extremely hectic few months in our household!  Most nights, we won't eat until 7:30pm, and then Jeremy needs to get in bed by 8:15ish and Grace still has homework. AGH!  Fun times, but truly busy times! 

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