Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winter Performances

Jeremy has never been much of a performer, so I definitely needed to document these 2 occasions!  He is a part of our school's after school program, and they held a "Winter Showcase" this past week.  His age group performed, "Hoe Down Throw Down" and he actually knew all the moves!  Too cute!  (We recorded a video of it, but it'll take too long to download here).
Jeremy's second winter performance was at our church.  There was a different format for the children's performances this year- rather than the children's program taking up an entire Sunday service, each week leading up to Christmas, different age groups took turns presenting.  This was Jeremy's last year in the 3yr.-Kindergarten age group!  Every year, that age group sings the same songs- Grace sang the same songs each year she was in it.  We're ready to see something different next year! 
  (Jason forgot to take a picture of the whole group- there were definitely more kids than just these boys!)

Grace's age group performed several weeks earlier (I'm actually the one who put the presentation together, but on the day of the kids presented, I was sick at home with strep!)  Jason didn't get any pictures of her group's performance.

Her second performance of the season was her very first orchestra concert.  Jason and I were impressed that there were about 50 kids in the beginning orchestra, and about 35 of them were violinists.  They did great- it's rather impressive that Grace's orchestra teacher was able to direct so many students!

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