Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy New Year!

We welcomed the new year with some of our closest friends at the family's cabin at Shaver Lake.  We've been celebrating with this same group of friends for many years, but this is our 3rd year staying at the cabin with all of our families.  We had 10 kids and 8 adults- that's a lot of people in one cabin!  We had an awesome time!

On New Year's Eve, our kids are still young enough that it wasn't a big deal for them to stay up until midnight.  We simulated a countdown, and celebrated with kid-made hats, poppers, glow-in-the-dark necklaces/bracelets, and horns (amazingly, Gabriel and Annelise didn't wake up with all of our noise)!

 After the kids went to bed, the guys had their annual blind test beer tasting.  Altogether, there were 12 beers.  Each bottle was covered up and the guys scored the beers according to taste, aroma, appearance, and overall drinkability. In the end, the Coney Island Lager won 1st place.  The girls chatted, drank wine, and snacked on appetizers and Jill's New Year's fritters. 
There was a lot of snow this year!  The kids (and adults) had a blast building, playing, and sledding!

I hope we can keep this tradition for many more years to come!

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