Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bee of the Week

Jeremy was his class' Bee of the Week this past week, and he was so excited!  He got extra attention all week- he was the special helper, got to bring a special treat for his classmates, and bring a "Show and Share" item.
He also got to bring home their class "pet," Buzz, and take him everywhere we went.  We had to document his adventures with Buzz.  Here are some pictures:
 Playing outside at church
 Playing the Wii (Jeremy is just starting to learn how to play some of the games.  We most recently got Star Wars, which is more appropriate for Grace's age, but he's really eager to play, too)

 Hanging out with friends
On MLK Day, we joined some friends at Skywalk, a trampoline arena. 
 That particular day was so beautiful outside, we walked out to Fig Garden Village for lunch.  Grace rode her scooter and Jeremy rode his bike.  Loved the family time we had that day!

In addition to the usual privileges, there was more excitement because his class also celebrated the 100th Day of School.   
Such a fun week in preschool!

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