Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Oh, Jeremy...

Jeremy's Thanksgiving poster-
He drew a picture of his preschool friends and added his "friend that's a girl."  He even made a cute little bow for her hair "because Audrey likes to wear bows."  So cute!  It made me happy that he said he was thankful for family and Jesus, too.

Jeremy's December project:

He was given a gingerbread man template and told to decorate it.  I am so proud of him- he came up with the idea himself, and with just a little guidance from me, cut and glued everything on.  Adorable!

Jeremy and his Gingerbread house-
Jeremy's class decorated gingerbread houses and he was so excited to bring it home to show us!

Jeremy and Union Square-
On our trip to San Francisco, we walked through Union Square.  On the entire front side of Macys was this huge ad of Brad Pitt.  Jeremy noticed it right away and said, "Hey, it's Jesus!"  Jason, Sarah, and I started cracking up- it was so hilarious!

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