Sunday, September 9, 2012

Preschool or Kinder?

This post is mainly for me to remember this difficult decision that we had to make regarding Jeremy and his future...  A few days ago, we got a phone call from his preschool teacher suggesting that we move Jeremy to kindergarten.  He's doing so well!  Of course we were thrilled to hear this, however, it completely threw us off because we simply weren't expecting to have to process through this decision again.  We agonized over this last spring, trying to figure out what Jeremy should do this year.  Jason and I talked at length and then I called several people for input and advice.  We know Jeremy is doing well now and will probably always be academically successful.  Our concerns are his maturity and social skills- we started Grace in kindergarten when she was 4 and have seen firsthand the effects of her being one of the youngest in her class.  There are so many reasons both for and against him heading to kindergarten.  Ultimately, it's his future we really need to consider.  Well... We decided to leave Jeremy in preschool.   When I talked with the preschool director, there was one thing she said that really boosted my confidence in our decision.  She said that if there's any doubt at all of how Jeremy would do if we were to move him to kindergarten, that alone was enough of a reason to not do it.  So, Jeremy will continue in preschool.  When we asked him what he liked the most about school, he said he loved learning and he loved his teacher.  That alone is enough of a reason to let him "just be." 

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girlyhurley said...

We so went around and around with this last year! We had our older daughter do an extra year of kinder. . .I don't regret it at all! You both teach and know the pressure kids have. I think being older is always better. Let him be a kid while he can!