Monday, September 3, 2012

Dad's Birthday Party

September 7 is Jason's dad's birthday.  Even though he is no longer with us, every year, we celebrate his life by getting together for his birthday party.  The kids attach special notes and pictures they've drawn and written, and we release them.  Then, we go to Yoshino's for teppanyaki and to Coldstone for dessert afterwards.  (If you haven't heard the reason why our family celebrates in this way, please feel free to visit my previous years' posts). 
   Grandma sharing a scrapbook about Grandpa's life with the kids.  Jeremy is the only one who never got to meet and know Grandpa.

 Releasing balloons to Dad/Grandpa in heaven

We love you so much and miss you terribly, Dad... Happy Birthday to you...


Princess Birthday Parties in Miami said...

It shows the affection and love of kids for their dad. very best wishes from my side!

happy 100th birthday said...

Beautiful and positive! I like to see that everyone had nice fun.