Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5th Grade Trip to Sacramento

I don't often blog about my work, but part of the reason why my life has been so hectic as of late is due to my work!  My grade level partner, Michelle, and I took our classes to visit Sacramento during the first part of December.  We went on Amtrak through their incredible program, Kids N Trains.  A lot of work went into planning the trip, but once the day came, everything pretty much went off without a hitch.  It was a very long day- I left my house at 5:00am and got back at 8:30pm. 

This school year has been without a doubt, one of the hardest I've had in my teaching career.  I have had my faith and confidence shaken, many trials, meltdowns, and sleepless nights.  It has been hard to hold onto the positive moments... Maybe that's why I had to blog about this particular day- it will certainly be a highlight of our year. 

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