Friday, May 14, 2010

Kick Start to the Swimming Season

Grace has taken swimming lessons every summer since she was 2. Every summer, it's like having to start from the beginning all over again because she forgets everything she learned the previous summer and so she is reluctant to get in the water. This year, we decided to restart the swimming lessons in the spring rather than the summer so she'll have a little more swimming time in the months to come. We enrolled her at Break the Barriers for the spring session and this past Tuesday was her last class. I am thrilled to say that she did not hesitate to get in the pool this past session! She tried everything her teacher asked without the need for coaxing or bribery. It should warm up around here pretty quickly, and then she and Jason will spend more time in our pool. She has gained a lot of confidence in the water, so hopefully her swimming abilities will really improve this year!She will once again take more swimming lessons in Edmonton when we travel up there in July.

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JHRME said...

Woooh! Way to go Grace! I can definately relate to those summer swimming experiences!