Monday, May 3, 2010

Caleb's Cruisers

This past Saturday, we woke up bright and early to participate in the 6th Annual Hinds Hospice Angel Babies Walk/Run (aka Walk to Remember). Our family of four joined "Caleb's Cruisers," the team walking/running in memory of Caleb Wiens, the son of our close friends, Aaron and Christa.Angel Babies is a unique program based in Fresno that has helped many of my friends- for more information about their services, click HERE. Jason ran the 5K with Aaron and Randy, and almost everyone else on the team walked the 5K. Unfortunately, my "hates-to-walk" daughter, was already complaining about being too tired to walk as we went looking for the bathrooms and I couldn't imagine how I'd make it through 5K of her whining. So, I decided to switch at the last minute and walk the 2 mile race. Luckily for me, the Mack family had also decided to do the same- I was glad to have some company! It turned out that Jason, Aaron, and Randy finished the 5K before our 2 mile walk even began, so they ended up walking with us, too. After the walk, we signed up for all of our kids to run in the Kids Races. Grace and Jeremy each ran in races of 1/8 mile against other kids their ages. Every kid got a particpant medal which our kids were so proud of. Jeremy wore his for most the day!The morning's events were a great way to spend time with friends and show our support for this family that we love so dearly. I hope this becomes a yearly tradition! (Thanks to the Wienses and Mack for some of these pics!)


Christa said...

Thank you so much! Levi is still wearing his medal. Don't tell him that he didn't really run ;)

live a colorful life said...

I love this family picture. It was such a great morning.