Thursday, April 22, 2010

Noggin, Melon, Mushroom Head

Our poor son... Jason and I are always commenting to each other about Jeremy's huge head (aka giant noggin, melon, mushroom head)!!!! It's hard not to laugh when he wakes up from naps or when we see him first thing in the morning. His hair has been out of control as of late.
I finally got a chance to take Jeremy to get his hair cut this week. Of course he screamed and cried, even though we went to the "cool" place where they have cars in place of the barber chairs, and the kids get to pick out a movie to watch while their hair is being cut. It took a lot of bribery before he calmed down long enough for the stylist to cut his hair, but at least now that it's done, it helps minimize the size of his head. Phew- that's much better!

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Anonymous said...

the munchkin said she liked jere-bear with the "bieber-look". :) can't wait to see y'all in 2 months!