Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Lot of Potty Talk

I don't know if you remember me posting a while back about wondering when the right time would be to potty-train Jeremy. Overall, he has shown us that when he decides he's ready for something, he'll make it happen! He has self-weaned from using a bottle to a cup, decided when it was time to use a fork/spoon, self-weaned from using pacifiers, pretty much taught himself to ride a tricycle, and now we can add potty-training to that list! The first day we put big boy underwear on him, we almost changed our minds and put him back in diapers. A friend of ours had shared that nothing seemed to work until the day they decided to let their son go commando. We tried it- it was warm outside, so after having to change his underwear 5 times in 3 hours, we decided to let him go naked (he wore a shirt with nothing on the bottom). To now have nothing to "hold" his pee/poo, our son understood very quickly what "having to go" feels like. So the next day, we let him wander around naked. The days following that, we let him wear just his big boy underwear, and then a few days later, he started wearing underwear with pants on. He did have a few accidents and gee, lucky for us, they were mostly #2 ones. EEW! For incentive, we gave him one jelly bean (since we already had so many from Easter) for going #1, and two jelly beans for #2. That was the first week. Our challenge after that week was to convince him to go on any potty, not just ours. I think he's finally figured out that when he needs to go, he needs to go! When we're out of the house, we carry a foldable, portable potty seat for him in what used to be his diaper backpack. Since that week, it has been another two weeks that he has been accident-free. We're still using diapers at night because he still isn't able to be dry throughout... That's ok with us- time will tell us when his bladder's ready to be without. Despite night-time diapers, I think we can say it... our Jeremy's a big boy now! (that's it- the last of his jelly beans!)


JHRME said...

His facial expressions...they just crack me up! Yay Jeremy!

Melissa said...

Yah Jeremy!