Saturday, March 27, 2010

On Spring Break

Yesterday was the last day of school for Grace and Jason- they're now on Spring Break! Yay! It seems strange to say that we are actually going to stay in town for this break. I think we've gone out of town for every break that's come up this year! Anyway, we've decided to try and maximize our time by getting things done around the house. Jason has been hard at work in the yard, getting an area ready for the kids' new play set (a Christmas gift that will hopefully be up by the end of next week!). There are tons of things I could do... I haven't quite decided- repaint our iron fence surrounding our pool? Repaint the kids' bathroom wainscoting? General yard clean up? etc... If I do anything notable, I'll post about it next week.
To celebrate spring, Grace's class had a party yesterday. The kids hunted for eggs and then decorated cupcakes. I am so glad I was able to help out in her classroom (I'm also glad that Jamie was so willing to watch Jeremy for me- thank you!).

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