Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Backyard Remodel: Phase 1

When we remodeled our kitchen last year, we got French doors put in leading from our dining area out to the backyard. Currently, they pretty much lead to nothing! We live on a 1/3 of an acre and have a backyard in need of a lot of work (well, the front yard too, but that's a whole different scenario). There is no landscaping, weeds galore, the fence is falling down, our pool fence is rusting, and there are piles of dirt everywhere. Over the years, Jason has had to take out many dead trees and overgrown shrubs. Our goal in these next few months is to remodel our backyard. It's going to be quite a consuming process, but after the last few days, the first step is done! The kids were given a wooden play set for Christmas and it was Jason's goal to get it up during his Spring Break. It took around 14 hours for him to finish, but it's done! The kids tested it out yesterday when my friend Jill and her son Micah came over. Our kids love it!
(And no, we usually do not let Jeremy walk around in underwear- we're potty training this week... More on that in another post!) Next step is putting in a patio. We met with two concrete contractors earlier this week, so it won't be too long before phase 2 is done! I am so excited!


Jamie said...

It looks fantastic! Great job Jason!

girlyhurley said...

Awesome! Looks like fun!

We also are beginning our backyard overhaul .. . its going to be a LONG process!!!


Melissa said...

It looks so great! Good job Jason!

JHRME said...

Didnt even notice the underwear! Just thought he was sportin some short shorts!

Tanya said...

I love the play yard! I'm sure the kids will make great use of it over the years. I also need to do backyard're way ahead least you know what the next step is!