Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Belated New Year's! Vietnamese, that is!

Jason and I spent most of Feb. 14 traveling to Vancouver.   We didn't celebrate Valentine's Day (though it was sooooo nice that it was just the 2 of us) or Vietnamese New Year.  It really did feel weird that both occasions fell on the same day and we didn't really acknowledge either of them!  For the last few years, we've been intentional about celebrating Vietnamese New Year so that Grace and Jeremy experience a little of my culture.  There just wasn't time this year.  When we met up with my sister in Vancouver, she hand-delivered for my parents, 2 li xi envelopes for Grace and Jeremy.  For those of you unfamiliar with li xi, they're an Asian tradition.  They are red envelopes that represent good luck and usually contain a monetary gift inside.  So even though we couldn't make the New Year a big deal this year, when we got home, we were at least able to give the kids their li xi from Ong and Ba.  Unfortunately, both kids tore into their envelopes so quickly that I didn't get any pictures of them!  We had actually planned on going to the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco today, but according to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be rainy all day.  We didn't want to drive all that way (with Jeremy, the worst traveler ever) and then be completely soaked.  Come to find out, the weather was perfect for the parade... Darn!  Next year- we're going to go next year!  Who wants to come?  Happy Belated Vietnamese New Year!  Chuc Mung Nam Moi!
(Notice the piggybanks- we just got them last month.  I love them!  There are 4 compartments- Save, Spend, Donate, Invest.  Pretty neat, right?) 
Our Olympic souvenirs for the kids

The following are just random pictures of Jeremy... A friend gave us a ton of hand-me-downs and one of the items was this fleece firefighter jacket.  Jeremy demanded that I help him put it on, and then he ran to get his dress-up hat.  So cute!

 Jeremy has a sweet tooth, just like Daddy (that's chocolate all over his face!)

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JHRME said...

Woooh! Loving the strong personality! Those shirts are cute!