Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disney on Ice

Grace and I went to see Disney On Ice's Worlds of Fantasy show today. I had originally considered taking her when she was still interested in learning how to ice skate. Well, she has since decided to do gymnastics instead, but I was secretly hoping that she'd think it was cool enough that she'd want to switch back. Well, that didn't happen, but we had a really fun time! (I'll post about gymnastics some other time). We invited her school friend, Madison, and Madison's mom, Heather, to come to the show with us. They had been to a show before, but this was a first for Grace and me. The show included storylines from the following movies (which all happen to be favorites in our household):


The Lion King
The Little Mermaid

Look who came to say hi during the intermission (Charlotte came to the show with Christa and both of her grandmas!) After the show (and the long wait in the parking lot to get out), we met up with Jason, Jeremy, and Madison's family for dinner. It was really nice getting to know them better and we hope to spend more time with them in the future.


live a colorful life said...

We had such a good time. Looks like you did as well!

girlyhurley said...

I wanted to go but it just wasn't good timing for us! Maybe next year!

I had to do a double take. . . I went to school with Madison's mom!!! I haven't seen her in a few years! Tell her hi for me!