Friday, January 23, 2009

Weeknight Hockey

I (Jason) had the opportunity to see the San Jose Sharks play the Vancouver Canucks Tuesday at the Shark Tank. Brent Yamashita planned the trip for us and James Bergen drove all seven of us (Aaron Wiens, Brent, his boss Paul, James, Greg Stobbe, and Dave Kleschold). We all took half days and met at the church at 1:30. We wanted to get to San Jose in time to eat downtown and still see the teams warm up. We had a great meal at the Tied House Restaurant (I had the blackened catfish and an oatmeal stout), and then walked to the HP Pavilion. We were there in plenty of time to check out the team store and see the players warm up. I also ran into two old friends, Jon Patrick and Darren Pozzi in between periods. It turned out to be a lackluster performance with very few shots taken. The score was one to zero Vancouver with a minute left. The Sharks pulled their goalie and scored the tying goal with 30 seconds left. That forced the game into overtime (it was already 10:00). The Sharks scored the winning goal a few minutes later. With two Vancouver fans it would have been a long ride home if the Sharks had lost. It was a great trip, but as we pulled up to the church parking lot almost 12 hours after we left, I knew it was going to a long day with the students on Wednesday.

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Lomeliclan said...

A woman after my own heart, you like dark beer. All the hockey terms, not so much.