Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

This post is late... We haven't had phone or internet access in over a week, or I might have actually posted this earlier. We rung in the New Year with some of our close friends- Jill & Adam, Aaron & Christa, and Allen & Kristen. We had such a fun time- Christa made a spicy peanut fondue, Kristen made two pizzas for dinner, Jason and I made a chocolate fondue for dessert, and Jill and Adam made New Year's Cookies (it's tradition for us now- I can't imagine ringing in the new year without those!). After putting Grace and Jeremy to bed, we played some games. It's amazing that with all of our talking and noise, the kids slept just fine. About 10 minutes before midnight, we turned on the t.v. to watch "the ball drop." Here's to 2009!

Grace clearly enjoyed the chocolate fondue

Jill and Adam's New Year's Cookies (Fritters- with raisins or apples? Granulated sugar or glazed? All so yummy!)


JHRME said...

Definately looks tasty!

Lomeliclan said...

You look like you guys had such a wonderful time. Sounds like there would have been enough food for another family...ha ha! Just kidding.