Monday, August 18, 2008


On Saturday, we went to our first Zoofari at the Fresno Zoo! We didn't know what to expect... really long waiting lines to get small samples of ice cream? It wasn't like that at all! The longest line we were in had 4 people ahead of us. We enjoyed eating A LOT of ice cream. Grace definitely ate more than her share, and her favorite was the Cranebow Sherbet (Rainbow Sherbet)! Jason and I both agree that our favorite of the night was the Strawberry Peccary (Strawberry Lemonade). Yum! Poor Jeremy- he didn't get any of it. Luckily, he doesn't know yet what he missed out on. The night did end with us waiting in a long line- for face painting (actually, arm painting). There were tons of choices- giraffe, elephant, seal, monkey, etc... What'd our daughter proudly walk away with? An octopus- a bright yellow one at that!

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Lisa said...

looks like tons of yummy fun!