Saturday, August 30, 2008

A New School Year

Sorry that it's been a while since I've updated our blog. It's getting harder and harder to find time to do that!
After a summer of doing pretty much nothing, our family is already wishing it was summer break again! School started up for me on August 13. I am once again teaching 5th grade and am looking forward to a great year, particularly after the craziness of last year (with maternity leave, a long-term sub, combo class, class being split, etc.) As of yesterday, I am glad to have 34 students, though it is nothing like the 20-student limit in primary grades. A new 4th/5th combo class will start this Tuesday. Since I'm so close to the limit (35), new students will now be put in that class. Also new this year, my grade level partner, David, and I were given permission to do a "block schedule" this year. That means we'll be team teaching this year. David will teach all of our 5th graders Math and Science, and I will teach them Language Arts and Social Studies. We'll do P.E. together, but we'll teach our own Writing. I'm so excited because it should cut down on the amount of planning required! Unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet. I'm also coaching volleyball this year, and so immediately after school, I'm rushing off to the courts. There hasn't been any time for me to get any prep work done after school... So, already I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up.
Jason started school on Aug. 18. In addition to his usual 8th grade History classes, he gets to teach International Baccalaureate,
classes this year. (It'll take me too long to describe what I.B. is, so if you're curious, click on the link for more info.) He's excited about that, because the kids who typically take those classes are higher level thinkers who try to reach higher expectations. He can do more with them, actually "teach" rather than disciplining all the time. Jason is once again coaching volleyball after school. He had 50 kids show up to tryouts! It's taken awhile, but he's finally chosen his team of 12.
Both of us have to rush after practice to go pick up our kids! This year, they're going to 2 different places. Gracie is in preschool! She's going to Shining Star Preschool at Northwest Church 5 days a week. We felt that she needed more than what home care daycare was providing. Now, she gets to participate in circle time, do centers, crafts, story time, etc. She is loving it! I could only get a picture of one of her teachers (Miss Elaine), and this other girl would not move- I have no idea who she is.
Jeremy is at a new home daycare this year. One of the things that drew us to this place is that in addition to Mona (the owner), she has other people working for her so there won't be times when the daycare has to close at the last minute due to illness. They love him- what's not to love- he's so content and easy-going... until he's hungry! Jeremy is no longer army-crawling. It's "normal" crawling now. He's super fast and gets into everything. He's been able to pull himself up on things for a while now, but he's getting braver, letting go and able to just stand. Grace started walking at 11 months. Jeremy's almost there- so who knows... he might start walking really soon!

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