Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Drumheller and Alberta's Badlands

We are truly blessed that not only do we have the time off in summers, but also the finances to be able to visit Canada every year.  This year was no different!  We've now visited for 15 years and we figured out that if we add up all the time we've spent there, Jason can now say that he's lived in Canada one year of his life! 
We pretty much see the Pozzi family once a year- when we stay with them so we can fly out of San Jose! Ha!  Anyway, it's always fun to visit with them!  We were off pretty early the next morning though.
This year, we flew in and out of Calgary instead of Edmonton.  My best friend from college was getting married in Calgary, and our trip was planned pretty much around this event.  Being in Calgary also gave us a chance to visit with my brother, Peter, who we don't get to spend a whole lot of time with when we go to Canada every year since we usually spend our time in Edmonton.  Sarah picked us up at Calgary's airport and we headed to a brewery for lunch.  Later that afternoon, we headed to Peter's house.  It was great to see him and Teresa and their new place.  The next morning, we headed on a side trip back to Edmonton. 
 Nothing like Timbits to start off our road trip!

We had to take advantage of being so close to Alberta's Badlands!  We weren't able to fit this into our road trip a few years ago, but there was no excuse this time.  We drove to Drumheller and spent the day exploring the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology and the badlands.
Talk about the most amazing dinosaur museum!  We were so impressed by the fossils on display. 

 We also bought tickets for our kids to participate in a hands-on fossils lab.  The guide was excellent as he taught the kids the process used to create fossil casts. Jeremy got to be his assistant.

 Love these souvenirs!

After our museum visit, we drove around the area to see the badlands. We drove along the Hoodoo Trail and even found a place where we could hike.

 Found an old suspension bridge used during the mining days

 Grace followed Jason and climbed up the side of the canyon. 

 Jeremy really wanted to climb up higher, but we didn't let him.  Stuck with Mama!

Heading back to Edmonton...

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