Friday, August 23, 2013

Highlight of My Summer, LOL

Even though our summer travels took us all over, can you believe that this is the most time we've spent in Fresno in the summer since we've had kids?  Having more time here meant that we finally got around to cleaning out our garage!  It has been at least 5 years since we've been able to park both cars in the garage.  That's pretty embarrassing!  When I took my leave of absence from teaching for Grace's kindergarten year, I pretty much had to store all of my classroom items in our garage.  It has been a mess ever since!

In process...

 We had so much junk, we decided to hold a Yard Sale.  All kids seem to equate Yard Sale with Lemonade Stand- so that was Grace's responsibility.
The end result?  Our junk that has been sitting around our house ended up making us $250.  We didn't even have any big ticket items and were selling things at cheap prices to "clear them out!"

The result...
 Jason moved his work bench, organized his tools, and bought some new cabinets.
He bought some cabinets with doors for more storage.
Ta da!  Now we can park both of our cars in our garage!  This is a definite highlight of my summer!

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