Friday, March 22, 2013

Jeremy's Preschool Easter Activities

Over this past year, Jeremy has asked me several times why I haven't attended any of his holiday parties.  They always take place during my school day and with the number of days I've had to take off due to sickness, it has been hard to take any other days off.  He asked me again a few weeks ago, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.  Knowing how important this has been to him, I knew it was a priority for me to come to his Easter activities. 
Last week, Jason's mom was able to come to Jeremy's school to help him decorate his Easter hat.  All of the kids got to show off their hats in the preschool's Easter parade.
 Afterwards, I got to watch Jeremy at his free choice daily learning centers.  It was interesting to see that most of his time was spent reading books and coloring pictures.  I have to share a funny story here.  Jeremy and his friend, Jackson were coloring pictures and Jackson wanted to give me one of his pictures.  He wanted to write my name on it, and Jeremy quickly came to his aid.  "M...A...M...A..."  I came home that day with a picture to Mama, from Jackson.  How cute is that!  I am so bummed I forgot to take a picture of it! 
After their centers, each class also held an Easter Egg Hunt, and the kids performed 3 songs for the parents.  I had to leave to return to school by lunch time. 

At dinner time, Jason asked Jeremy what his favorite part of his day was, and he said, "That Mama came to my school for my Easter stuff."  This completely warmed my heart! I am so glad that I put aside my work to put him first, and I know I need to do that a lot more.

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JHNickodemus said...

Yay! It warmed my heart too! And you got to be a double Mama!