Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pump It Up!

I love party planning, especially for our kids.  What ends up happening though, is it consumes a lot more time than it should because I tend to go a little overboard with the details.  Since both of our kids' birthdays are in October, it makes for a very busy month for the Isaac household.  After last year's parties, Jason asked me to consider doing a joint birthday party for this year.  I gave in because the reality is, our lives are so incredibly hectic during this time of year.  We gave the kids some options for joint birthday party ideas and they chose to have it at Pump it Up.  They each got to invite 7 friends.
Pump it Up took care of all the details- they had supervision for the inflatables, they set up the party room, put together the favors, ordered and served the pizza and drinks.  It felt a little weird to stand around and not do anything. 
 The girls' table
 The boys' table

The only thing that I actually got to do was make the cupcakes. I made a special "soccer" cupcake for Jeremy, and a "baseball" cupcake for Grace.

 As much as I was relieved to have a "simpler" party this year, in my opinion, it just didn't feel as "special" as I would've liked.  Jason reminded me that as long as the kids had fun and got to spend time with their friends, that's all that matters.  They both said they loved their party!  We are so glad and thankful for the friends that are in our kids' lives who regularly make them feel important and special.       
Happy Birthday to my kiddos!

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