Friday, August 31, 2012

Alyssa Samansky Track Challenge

This happened several weeks ago and I am only now remembering to blog about it.  Our friend, Shawna, shared with us about some friends of hers that hosted a memorial track meet every year.  Their daughter lost her life seven years ago, and every year, they hold a track challenge to celebrate her life.  It turns out that Alyssa's dad, Aaron, used to run track with Jason during his Fresno State years.  They were in the 4x100 relay together.  It was the weirdest coincidence that Jason went to Sierra Running to register for the track challenge and was able to spend some time talking and catching up with Aaron.  Unlike his track days when he ran shorter distances, Jason decided just to run the mile for this track event, and we signed up both kids to run in the 50m kid's race.  It was a fun night!
Unlike with all of Jason's sprinting races, it was much easier to get a picture of him running this time around!

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