Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Merry Christmas to Me!

This past Christmas, I told Jason that I didn't want any "tangible" gifts.  Instead, I wanted for him to finish up some projects that we've been wanting to do for the last few years and have never had time to do.  I didn't even need for the projects to be done by Christmas- just the promise that they'd be done this year.  Well, unlike some projects that have taken much (much) longer, my Christmas gifts were done by Feb.!!  I was only expecting one and Jason completed two!  I am so excited to share... 

Project 1:
We got this bench and shelf many years ago.  We got it in red, the accent color of our kitchen/family area.  Well, since then, we remodeled our home and the "look" in that area is now more greens and browns.  I felt that the red shelf/bench against our green walls looked too Christmas-y.  I've been wanting to paint them brown for years but have been too busy to commit to doing it.  Well, here's my "new" bench/shelf!

Project 2:
In our front room (aka the kids' playroom), we have bookcases filled with books, kids' toys, kids' supplies, random boxes, our piano, filing cabinets, etc.  Jason and I have been talking for a really long time about what we could do to try to unclutter the room.  For my 2nd gift, Jason decided to install "built-in" floor-to-ceiling bookcases along one of the walls. 
First, Jason drove to Ikea in Emeryville to purchase the bookcases.  Here's our compact Rav-4!  I can't believe that all of this fit in our car!  (A first- Jason removed all the seats except the driver's seat!)  

Jason worked on our bookcases a little bit each day.  It was hard work, especially since our walls are not as straight as you'd think a wall should be.  He even threw out his back during the process! 
Well, on one of his furlough days, Jason called to let me know that he had finished the bookcases.  This is what I came home to:
I LOVE IT!  It was a surprise that Jason also decided to get a T.V.  Would that be considered part of my Christmas gift or would that be considered Jason's gift to himself?! 
Thanks, Babe, for my amazing Christmas gifts- they mean so much to me because I know how hard you worked on them.  What a gift of love- I love you so incredibly much!

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