Friday, September 10, 2010

Dad/Grandpa's Birthday

With me back to working full-time, it feels like we are always going at full speed! However, there hasn't really been a whole lot to share. One particular event that was significant for our family was last weekend. We celebrated Jason's dad's birthday by going to teppanyaki on Labor Day. It has been almost 4 years since his passing, and to honor his memory, we have done this each year on his birthday. While in the hospital during his final days, he had told Jason that he wished he could've gone to "the place where they cook in front of you" for dinner. He never got to go again... Before heading to dinner, we met at a local playground to release balloons (sending balloons to Grandpa for his party in heaven). Each grandchild wrote a letter or drew a picture to attach to the ballooon. We truly value this special time with family. We continue to feel the void that his absence has brought- we love him and miss him so much.

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