Friday, January 22, 2010

Bye Bye BeeBees

Some of you might think it's weird what I'm about to post, but one of the reasons why I blog is because it's a great way for me to journal and archive memories about our kids. For example, I don't want to forget that from an early age, Jeremy has shown that he handles change pretty well as long as he initiates it. He initiated the transition from the bottle to a sippy cup, from a sippy cup to using a straw, etc. The latest? Pacifiers (beebees)!!! He was so attached to them, we really didn't think we'd be saying goodbye to them so soon (I don't know why, but he was attached to three- they had to be in his crib together). He has pretty much weaned himself- can you see why he no longer needs them?!
Next step will be potty training! I keep asking him whether he's a big boy (because big boys use the potty) or a baby (because only babies wear diapers). He consistently says, "Jeremy baby." I'm thinking we'll just wait until he initiates it!

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